Monday, January 25, 2010


I am wishing that I had something profound to put here, to put in this space that will act as my last blog entry, but alas, it's not to be, I remain, as always, tongue tied in delight and dread at the funny turns this life of mine takes.

I make no apologies for who I am, for what I believe, however those beliefs might not work out in some people's heads. I am a liberal and a Christian. I am a co-sleeping parent who wears her baby and watches TV with him. I am a cook and a wife and a woman who hates washing the dishes. I am pro-choice, pro-gay rights and I believe that Jesus Christ died to save my soul. I hope that I am half the parent my mother was, my Nana was, so that I can pass on this surety of self to my son. So I can teach him to fight passionately for humankind, to shout his faith from the rooftops (whatever shape that faith takes), to listen to other people because their stories contain immeasurable wisdom. I am a joyful girl because I know who I am.

It came to my attention today that this little corner of the internet was not as safe as I thought, that some people have read it who could make it very difficult for me (and in my more paranoid thought processes, my husband) to minister within my faith community, and truthfully? Sharing my life on the internet isn't worth that. I have paper journals and dinner parties for venting, and Facebook for sharing my adventures.

I don't have a million readers, I don't write anything special but the little adventures I share with my family and my opinions. I am a little droplet in ocean of the internet, but I have had such fun reading comments, sharing my opinions and adventures to everyone I have met through this crazy wonderful medium.

Make no mistake that this incident doesn't change my political viewpoints, doesn't change my spiritual beliefs (I'm sure that the person who made the first phone call would be irritated to know it have made those beliefs -political and otherwise- that much stronger). I will continue to fight to the death for the rights of people who are marginalized, to change the status quo, to encourage people to think, to learn, to listen, to be curious. To tell people, no matter who they are, to "use their words" because I genuinely believe that everyone has something to say.

Thank you so much,

To the person who came here looking for my political affiliations to yell at me about, please know that I love my students, that I am so proud of my students. Please know that I will teach my kids that Christ loves them more than they can imagine, I will teach them to speak their minds because they are smarter than you think and their opinions matter, I will teach them to be curious and to learn everything they can...but I won't "indoctrinate" them, and I have never shared with them my political leanings in any direction . That's for me to do with my own kid, whether you like it or not. ;)